Glyphs 1.3.7 (340) multiple crashes

Working on OS X 10.6.8 Glyphs keeps crashing when using e.g. the ruler tool.
I open a glyph window and draw a new glyph, switch to the ruler tool - ruler tool doesn’t work.
When I close the glyph window now Glyphs crashes again, again and again.
Quick preview (space bar) doesn’t work at all. Also the undo command doesn’t work properly.

Please help,

I have an update that I will submit in the next few days.

Did you send the crash reports? Can you add a small comment on what was happening?

I haven’t send until now, but I will do so in the next two days.

I have the same problems, also running 10.6.8. Tools stop working, switching between edit and preview/text modes stop working and crash the application. Sometimes just zooming in with the magnifying glass is enough to cause a crash. Undo often does not work at all. My iMac is not old and I have workflow reasons for not upgrading to Lion just yet. I’m disappointed that Glyphs seems to require the latest and greatest operating system and hardware as I’ve been a fan since it was a beta version.

it is not about the operating system. I have improved the stability a bit and am just now preparing an update.

The thing that is weird about this version is the need for the caps lock to be on in order to use the tools, zoom, etc. It happens in Lion… it’s pretty weird.

Version 1.3.7 (App Store) did not start on Lion 10.7.4. It crashes immediately.

Can you delete it and redownload it from the App Store?