Glyphs 1.3.7 on a 10.6.8 OS MacBook Pro

Something weird happening where I can only access the hand shortcut (space) with the function key pressed. Same for zoom in/out and sometimes it will get stuck at zoom and I’ll have to press the function key again.
Other softwares are not having this issue, maybe it’s a glitch…

I did not change anything and never heard of a problem like this. So hopefully this will go away.

It did go away on the notebook at one point, now it’s happening on my desktop (Lion). Hope it fixes itself soon :slight_smile:

Kind of found out… if I hit a soft caps (the one that doesn’t turn the green light on), for some reason it happens, if I click it again, it fixes. Go figure…

The issue happens with caps lock on/off instead of the soft hit to caps lock, anyone experiencing this too? I can only edit/navigate correctly with caps lock on.

This might be an issue with some system shortcuts. I had to disable the spaces shortcuts to be able to use the kerning (ctrl+left/right). Maybe change the spotlight shortcut to ctrl+space.

I think those spacing/kerning shortcuts should be changeable in the preferences.

What would you change it to?

For me, I would prefer that the laptop “fn” key, rather than “option,” be the kerning modifier. This is only because I happen to have set up Ctrl-Opt-arrows to control iTunes tracks and I would like to keep that.

I don’t think that fn+ctrl+arrow keys is a possible keyboard shortcut. Because fn+arrow is actually one of the scroll keys that are above the cursor keys on extended keyboards. And they do not work with the ctrl key.

It’s actually caps lock, which really isn’t used as a modifier key for shortcuts, that’s what’s really strange about it… but I’ll give it a try anyways…

Also I just noticed it works if I keep the shift key pressed and doesn’t otherwise…