Glyphs 1.4

Today on MacInTouch there is an announcement about the Glyphs 1.4 Update being available. Nothing here though.

When do we get information about Upgrading?

The 1.4 version is only available in the App Store at this point the non App Store version will be there at the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, PM: approaching the middle of the week. Any information about Glyphs 1.4? Is it an Update, Upgrade, Paid, Unpaid, Automatic…?

While we have to be a little patient as the last bugs are being squished: the latest 1.3.26 beta is pretty close to what 1.4 is going to be. So, you really are not missing much if you enable Cutting Edge in the app prefs and update.

OK, thanks. The MacInTouch announcement was a little premature.