Glyphs(1) file mysteriously reverts to old version

Hi —

Any clues to this otherwise i’ve just lost a day’s work.

I’d been adding glyphs to all day — when reopened it looks like it did prior to starting. I could punch a cat.

It defies any logic as I don’t know how I could have even have overwritten it since there’s only one file.

Are you sure you saved it, and in the same location? Can you try and have a look in recent items, versions or timemachine?

It’s only one file, so it’s not in the recents. I don’t have time machine running all day (just for big backups) and i’m not sure what you mean by versions.

I’ve been working on the file all day. I’m kind of a manic CMD+S guy

The only explanation I have is that the auto saving broke someway along the day. Even with autosaveing activ, is is a good idea to press cmd+S once in a while.
And I save as a new file evey few hours of work, at least once a day. I add the date with YYYYMMDD (year+month+day) to the file name.

All this doesn’t brings your glyphs back but might protect you from similar accidents in the future.

kill me.

Anyway… thanks for your help!