Glyphs 1271 builds locl feature incorrectly

I just noticed in InDesign that with Turkish text, the s-cedilla is replaced with the s-commaaccent, which is obviously wrong. The local feature is auto-generated, the font was generated with Glyphs 1271.

Using Glyphs 1257 and the same source file, this problem does not occur. So, my conclusion is that there is a bug in Glyphs that was recently introduced.

Another observation: Glyphs 1271, in contrast to 1257 wraps the code for the locl feature in a lookup.

If I manually remove that lookup wrapper and export the font with Glyphs 1271, it works as expected. It seems that the additional lookup wrap (what is the reason for it?) causes the wrong behaviour.

That is right.

I filed a bugreport/feature request that asks for language agnostic, separated lookups which then can be called after a language statement, like this:

language ROM;
lookup loclROMMOL {
  sub Scedilla by Scommaaccent;
  sub scedilla by scommaaccent;
} loclROMMOL;

language MOL;
lookup loclROMMOL;

In my tests, this structure works, and languages do not get confused. Not sure if it is the most byte-efficient one after compilation.

There was a request to be able to call the lookups later. I’ll fix this.

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