Glyphs 2.0 lacks tooltips / No way to remove alphabet sorting in grid view?

None of the controls in the GUI appear to display any tooltips when the cursor hovers over them, making their exact function a mystery until clicked. For instance, I’ve already no idea what the “n” does in the top-left corner of the menu bar, and even less idea why it’s not doing anything when I click on it.

Secondly, there doesn’t appear to be a way of viewing a font’s repertoire without organising the glyphs by alphabet/script… it’d be nice to toggle categorisation so we could have a flat, unorganised view of all glyphs, ordered by codepoint instead of script. Didn’t there used to be a way of doing this in the previous Glyphs version?

The “n” button will make more sense if you add additional masters within the Glyphs file. Then you’ll see it’s the button to choose which master is being displayed (Regular, Bold, Condensed, etc.). @GeorgSeifert, would it make sense for the button to disappear in single-master files?

Which is more or less the same, just less logical, because the order of Unicode codepoints is historically grown. But you can do that with a List Filter.

What do you need a pure Unicode value sorting for?

Sometimes I’d like to have a pure Unicode sorting, too. It could be useful while communicating with customers that don’t use Glyphs. Or sometimes for searching for correct Unicodepoints …
(ja, all together not that important)

When creating (or modifying) icon fonts, glyphs tend to be assorted to vastly different unicode blocks, resulting in some icons listed under “Latin”, others listed under “Miscellaneous Symbols”, and so forth. A lot of the time, icon fonts use private use areas, but I prefer to assign icons to their most semantically appropriate character. E.g., an icon of an information symbol will be assigned to :information_source: (U+2139), etc. But I digress.

In either case, many font editors have (historically) displayed characters in a flat, unicode-ordered grid view, so it’s not unreasonable to assume many font designers are perhaps already accustomed to working that way.

That would be a typical use case for a list filter: Select the glyphs you want listed, click the gear button in the lower left and choose Add List Filter. More about it:

Here is a GitHub gist you may find useful in that case:

@mekkablue Thank You very much!