Glyphs 2.1.1 (789) Crashes on opening

It doesn’t open on 10.10.4 …

Found it it’s due to my custom GlyphData.xml which worked perfectly in previous versions—very frustrating…

I see it’s due to the format of the xml being changed… not listed in the Change log either…

I think it would be good to have the non-comb accents as fallback for the GlyphData, I’ve spent too much time customising the GlyphData every time it’s updated so that I can use non-comb accents on files that are using this.

That is not the case. There are several issues:

  1. you should never copy the hole GlyphData file. Only add the lines that you need to change. We are fixing small issues with the data all the time and so you will miss those changes.
  2. Your xml file is not valid XML. You have some stray text in line 4845 and 4846.
  3. Your file contains duplicate entries (e.g. for the Korean glyph a-ko)
  4. I added some processing that relied of correct glyph data for Korean. But your (invalid) file messed it up.

Thanks for clearing it up—I apologise for assuming it was your fault!