Glyphs 2.3b tends to crash

Glyphs 2.3b tends to crash pretty often. The last version was far more stable. I already send some of my crash reports.

Should I consider downgrading it ? I am afraid to get corrupted files or to lose data/work.

I uploaded an update yesterday (2.3, 831) that should fix the most frequent crash.

Thanks !

I will put it to the test :slight_smile:

It continues to crash. For me it is impossible to work. Please see the video attached here.

Is there a way to downgrade to an earlier version? (2.2 MB)

IIRC you can usually find the previous version in your computer’s Trash.

Am I the only one who’s experiencing the blank sample text and edit view width in the Preferences? If you try to interact with the text box, the app crashes.

Fixed the sample text.

There is a big red warning above the updater for a reason. This is an early beta.

What did you click in the vide0? And did you send the crash reports?

Only clicked the flip horizontal button

I uploaded a new version.

It does crash all the time. Can’t open any file.

I didn’t test it properly in MacOS 10.9. I don’t have access to my test machine until Saturday but I hope I have fixed it.

I use 10.9. It went all crazy. When I looked into the font info, it combined images from my emails (!) which I had checked before.

I have downgraded it into version 830, the more stable and less buggy one.

I couldn’t quickly find out how to downgrade to stable… =) How did you do this?

Redownload the app from

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It would be nice to have a simple way to downgrade from the UI, same as there’s a simple way to upgrade :smiley:

Do you know any app that allows this?

Could also create problems, e.g., if you use a feature that is not available in the stable version, and therefore have a non-downgradeable file. I think redownloading the app is OK. After all you can also keep both versions in the Applications folder.