Glyphs 2.6.5 crash after MasterGrid plugin install

After installation of MasterGrid, Glyphs crashed and did not work anyway (reopening or reinstall did not help). How to restore all to defaults?

And please check this plugin for compatibility

Info on what to do when there’s a crash is here:

It includes information on how to disable plugins or remove all of them at once in the Disable Plug-ins section, along with info about reporting to the plugin developer.

If the issue is with the Master Grid plugin loaded via the Window > Plugin Manager, then @jkutilek might be able to help as Jens developed that plugin.

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As I said above, after turning on this plugin from plugin panel the Glyphs chashed and then the application stopped running. In general. There is no bug report window on the load. Nothing runs. Just this Allert from Macos. Reinstalling does not help. No plug-ins can be disabled without the application running. I tried to remove all the folders of plugin from the Glyphs app folder but it did not help either. Probably something is stored deeper in the macos.

I clear system with appdelete, reinstall Glyphs and now all works. Maybe it’s just one nonrepeateble bug in my system. Thank you for trying for help me