Glyphs 2.6.5 on MacOS Mojave bugs

Hello everyone,
I opened Glyphs now and while working I noticed a series of bugs. Things like when I try to null the distance between 2 points it doesn’t work as expected, but most prominently it corrupted a file I was working on twice in 2 hours.

Now I have some weird version of my .glyphs file where I can see in the preview my letters but nothing when I open the file.
What can I do about that?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hello Georg,
thanks for the response. Somehow the letters appeared again… but I still get weird bugs while working. I will send you the file anyways.


Sounds like you had a filter active in Font view. If it happens again: Make sure the search field in the top left is clear and click on All.

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How exactly are you doing it?

And what exactly do you mean? Null the vertical/horizontal distance? Try Paths > Align Selection (Cmd-Shift-A).

Or move one point on top of the other? Just drag it there. They should snap.

I always did it like this, I see there are other ways, but it was just surprising to see it changed.


As I said before, you need to click the lock icon that is next to the input fields.

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  1. You can select a segment by clicking on the segment itself (the black path between the points). You do not need to select nodes individually.
  2. The lock in the grey info box indicates that you set it to proportional transformation. That means whatever change you type in the horizontal field, will also be applied to the vertical field and vice versa. If you want to only change the H or V distance, make sure the lock is open.
  3. This operation is better done with Paths > Align Selection (Cmd-Shift-A).
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