Glyphs 2 (733) Preview panel state not remembered

This new version doesn’t remember whether the preview panel is open or closed when opening a .glyphs file, 726 last version did.

Seems to be fixed in 736. I cannot reproduce it in that version.

I noticed it doesn’t remember master layer states. For example a sample hamburgevonsif in light, regular, bold will re-open up in only one master style. It’s not a huge deal but it would be helpful to remember this. Presumably master sub-layer styles are also cleared

I’m on 736, still have the problem over here,

This is not easy to store. Can you file a feature request at

What I do is assign a shortcut to the Show next instance and Show previous instance scripts in my GitHub repository, so you can quickly navigate through the instances displayed in the Preview.

Are you sure? The toolbar icons look like an older version. I tried a few times, positively cannot reproduce this in Version 2.0.1 (736) in OS X 10.10.3 (14D136).

I’m using OS X 10.9.5, Glyphs 2.0.1 (736)

I still get this problem with the bottom panel not remembering it’s last state on my old files, I notice it’s fine on newly created files, that if I open the preview panel, close the file, and re-open it later, the panel is still open. Maybe I have a bad preference file…which part of the preferences file is this?

Hey preview panel state still not remembering?

Version 2.3.1 (899) preview panel keeps opening at a really large size at start up for any file

Is it a preferences problem? every file I open the panel is massive

Cannot reproduce it in 899 for new files.

For existing files, close all tabs, set the preview in a new tab to the desired size, and save. The preview state is saved in the .glyphs file.

To reset the default preview height, run this in the macro panel

Glyphs.defaults["GSPreviewHeight"] = 0

all newly opened tabs should be closed. If you like to change the height of individual tabs, use this

Font.currentTab.previewHeight = 100

That will also set the default to 100.

Tried it, but every new tab I open is this big ridiculous size

Just tried in 899, and it works: Cmd-N, Cmd-T, no Preview.

I have the same problem, plus the preview is always slightly fuzzy… I mentioned that in the 2.3 thread, I think.

Is there a macro solution to reset the default preview fuzziness?

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Same as above with GSPreview_Radius. Set it to zero.

OK, but I can’t use Font.currentTab.previewRadius = 0. If I manually set the fuzz to 0 for a tab, it will be fuzzy again when I reopen the file. (The height seems to have stuck after using Font.currentTab.previewHeight = 100.)

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You have to save the file in between.