Glyphs 2 Beta

Hey guys, would love to test out the Beta, but coming from the Mac AppStore version, I’m not sure if I have a .license file.
Let me know how appstore guys like me can test it, really excited to see what’s new!


same here. I don’t know if there’s a license file anywhere hidden in the library, but I guess not, after the quick search I did.
please keep me posted


Please send me an e-mail to res (at) this website without www.

Just sent it, thanks.

Oh, wow… me too! Me too!

Do you have a list of what’s new in Glyphs 2 Georg? Or are there any specific areas you’d like tested?

I see it’s importing the features and classes from existing otf fonts now. That was a pleasant surprise. Thumbs up!

Do you want the beta discussed here or are you going to set up a beta-specific area to discuss it?

Discussing here is fine.

And please check Help > changelog in Glyphs

Hi! I just saw the tutorial of the layered color font a few minutes ago and I want to know how can I get Glyphs 2 to test it! It looks crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

PD. Congratulations to all the Glyphs team for this awesome software :slight_smile:

Congratulation for this new Beta 2!
What is — Show Class Members — in the View menu?

If we bought Glyphs more before July 1st and download the Beta, will we be able to keep using it or will we have to buy a new license after it releases?

The beta will work until the release. Then you will need a new license. The upgrade is 50% of the regular price.

Got it! Thanks.

The new direct webfont output option is a great addition, as I find the FontPrep dance to be a bit tiresome. Will it in the future also output the .svg version, along with the .eot, .ttf, and .woff?

I suppose at this point only ancient iOS devices still require the SVG version, so perhaps it’s a nonissue – I’m just used to seeing all 4 types generated.

There are no plans to support svg fonts.

Can I try this version of Glyphs ?

I’ve downloaded , but it asks me activation key!

Drag the .glyphsLicense file you received when you purchased your license onto the app icon and restart the app.

I do not have glyphsLicense
I bought the app from the app store!