Glyphs 2 Colored Layered Type

Just saw this and I’m trying to make a test for this new feature on glyphs. How should one get started? It seems like so much fun :slight_smile:

Have you looked at this tutorial, yet?

THANKS! That’s what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Hej there! This works wonderful, but one question: would it also be possible to get this into one file somehow? I am asking because layers with websites — it seems almost impossible to make type overlap precisely along a variety of browsers…

There is no font format that supports layers or colors (at least not one that is supported by browsers. Only the Microsoft color table but that is only available in IE in windows 8.1)

Thanks Georg. That’s what I reckoned…

I’m trying this feature also. I’m the guy who’s making the font mimicking Hillary Clinton’s logo. (I say that only because time is of the essence.) It’s two-color, as will be the font. I’m following that tutorial Composerjk left, but upon making a second master, I’m unable to write anything in the Custom field. I suspect I haven’t got this second layer until that functions. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do something first?

Hi Rick, I don’t know what’s happening on your side, but I think in your case you don’t really need to change the colour as long as it’s different from the first. It’s not like the font can actually be generated in colour anyway.

Actually I found out the problem: I was using a trial version, which currently is version 1. I just bought a full version, which is version 2. So either the tutorial is too current, or the trial version doesn’t have every feature. Either way: RESOLVED. Thanks.

What version do you really have?

I have 2.0.0. I just ran the updater.

New situation, that’s relevant to this feature, otherwise I’d have given it its own thread:
I decided to start from scratch, and am again following the tutorial linked above. This time, after having created three masters, given each one a different “Master Color” property and requesting “Add Instance for each Master”, I get this error message: "The Masters need different settings for weight, width or custom values. Regular == Red"
Aren’t different “Master Color” properties enough difference? They were enough the previous time!
So what happened?

You need to add different numbers in the text field next to the Weight/Width/Custom field. Put 100, 200 and 300 in the weight field for each master and the corresponding instances. It needs that to distinguish the masters.

Hello, I´m having problems with my layered color font, the system gives me this message, which means:

It was detected a problem with any font during validation.
Check out indicated problems in order to continue.
It was detected a serious error do not use this typography.

Should I install the font or it can be dangerous to my computer?
It´s a font with many nodes, but it doesn’t gave me too many problems till that moment, so I dont know what can it be.

Thanks again

As you can use the layered color fonts properly only in Adobe apps, you should add them to the Adobe fonts folder:

I had not understood that the font settled alone that way! Thank you so!