Glyphs 2: Double-clicking a glyph inthe font tab

… doesn’t open an edit tab unless it was selected before.

As a side note, when single-clicking on a glyph it takes about half a second until it is shown as selected (i.e. blue). Maybe this is related.


Any chance this could be fixed?

I just notice that I if double click just slow enough for the glyph to become blue before the second click, and just quick enough for the system to recognize it as a double-click then it does work. Which is very tricky since the double-click speed is set to rather fast in my system settings. Seems like Glyphs is not accepting any input in that split-second before the glyph becomes blue.

It would be great if Glyphs recognized fast double-clicks as such, rather than just selecting the glyph.




I third that!

I find things a little too laggy too.

so, any statement form official side on that matter… ?

I just changed it a bit. Can you try in the latest version?

Yes, now double-clicking works. Thanks!

But now I can see a strange flash when opening a tab (double-clicking as well as Cmd-T). As if the glyph is shown on the left of the window for a split-second, then it is shifted to the normal (central) position.

Looks like this bug is back in Glyphs 2.3.

Double-clicking a glyph in the font tab doesn’t open an edit tab unless it was selected before. Any chance this could be fixed?

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I see the split-second display too, at lower left, then it quickly centers as it should. I don’t believe I have ever seen it before, but maybe I just ignored it because it’s so quickly gone.

The double-clicking failure Tim describes has been around forever.

MacOS seems to have changed the way it handles double clicks. I changed it to react list list views.

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