Glyphs 2 tab bar suggestions

I see Glyphs 2 is following the way OS X is going, and everything is included inside one window.

I would like to suggest to pull this further into the other elements of the program: make more use of the tab bar.
Harbour the font info inside a new tab in the tab bar. This avoids trouble when multiple font info-windows are opened at the same time.
Meanwhile, I would like to suggest to give an option ‘always show the tab bar,’ and to add a plus-sign to the tab bar to deliver an easy way to open new tabs.

thanks for the suggestions.
The font info tab is already implemented in Glyphs Mini. I know the possible confusion but sometimes is is interesting to see a glyph and the font info (e.g. when setting alignment zones) so I decided to keep them separate for now.

I think about the tab bar button.