Glyphs 2 won't open (Big Sur maybe)?


I tried this morning to open Glyphs 2, and it doesn’t work.
It begun when I saw that glyphs was installed on download documents, not on applications. So I decided to remove this one, and install a new version with new updates (because I didn’t open the app during one year).
Once the app installed, the app never launched.

I tried a lot alternatives solutions that you suggested (pref files…) but the app doesn’t work.
Can you help me please ?


Have a look at this tutorial:

Thank you, I’m gonna try and let you know if it works

This shouldn’t apply to Big Sur, only Monterey.
Please download and try this version:

but it was glyphs 2… I bought.
What do you recommend ?

Sorry. Try this:

sorry it doesn’t work…

Can you please remove all plugins from ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins ?

yes but I tried many times before… but I 'll do it again

it works !!!

thank you!!