Glyphs 2 won't open

i have bought two days ago a full licence for Glyphs 2 , i cannot download the program, have a permanent sign reading " the test period has expired, visit glyphs to get a licence. I have Glyphs mini already running on my Mac, do i need to delete the mini version ?

Please follow this tutorial:
And if that doesn’t help, try this:

Dear Georg, thank you for the message, i have the Mac app selected and i find no ByHost app in my library, i have bought recently an iMac MF886D/A and have Glyphs Mini running. My problem is not that i cannot open Glyphs 2 but it simply doesn’t download, when i download the software I get a jumping G at the bottom bar and when i click on it to open it tells me that my licence has expired, i did run a trial of G2 for a month previously buying the Mini version.The second link i cannot read, i don’t know how to use code, can you guys please think of a solution, your sotware is awesome and i really want to work with it !

Are you trying to get Glyphs Mini or Glyphs 2 to run?

Glyphs 2: if your .glyphs2license file does not work, please send it to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Mini: where did you purchase it? In the Apple AppStore or via

Please drag the license file on the closed app.