Glyphs 3.1 3.2 did not launch, maybe python problem

Hello! After I installed Python 3.11, the Glyphs app stopped starting. The first time I started it I got a message that some Python component was missing, unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot, and the message doesn’t show up again. Glyphs just freezes on startup. Regardless of version 3.2 or the latest 3.1 from the site.

I tried uninstalling Python 3.11 but without changes.
Glyphs 2 runs without any problems.

Any ideas on how to fix and/or reinstall components?

ventura 13.2.1

Glyphs 3.1 is not compatible with python 3.11, Glyphs 3.2 should be. Can you start Glyphs 3.2 without plugins. Hold down the Option and Shift key while starting the app.

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Oh, now I see what’s going on. I uninstalled Python and installed 3.09.
After that I had to completely uninstall Glyphs and only after reinstalling it worked.
Now it works, thank you!