Glyphs 3: Anchor + Auto Alignment components (Maybe sync metrics issue too)

Whenever I open a glyph containing auto aligned components with anchors, the anchors go on a journey forward. Clicking on another glyph and coming back to aforementioned glyph makes it happen again, to a point where the anchor is found thousands of units away from where it should be. I’m on G3, 3050. It is quite annoying :slight_smile:

Maybe it is related to keeping “sync metrics” activated. I found the sync metrics a double edged sword - makes it simpler to keep them in sync but should be kept inactive while reshaping the glyphs, especially in the rare occasion you’re moving things with the mouse. Otherwise, you may end up with a jumpy interface, while Glyphs is correcting the sidebearings in real time. Not quite sure how this could be fixed.

What metrics keys do you have in those glyphs?

k is being composed by a vstem and a k leg component - both have =x metrics in the side which do not matter, where I am positioning vi #entry, #exit anchors.

No, I mean in the composite glyph (e.g. k). You might no see them, disable automatic alignment to make them visible.

plain lc l on one side, nothing on the other

Remove the “l”. You don’t need it. And the metrics sync tool needs to be updated to not do anything with glyphs that are auto aligned.

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