Glyphs 3 automatically adjusting kerning?!

Working on a new project and after going through all weights and tuning the kerning, Glyphs, on it’s own just completely adjusts it back to something random. Very annoying. Any tips on how to fix this issue?

Apart from this, Glyphs is awesome.

Can you be more specific?
Normally Glyphs doesn’t change the kerning on its own.

Thank you for your quick response.

Once I adjust the kerning for a letter, it just automatically adjusts back to something completely different.

For example, If I adjust it to 55 and 55 and then leave it. It just goes to 78 and 88 on its own.

Hope this helps!

Is it possible you mean spacing?
And do you have any plugins installed?
Can you make a screencast of it happening?