Glyphs 3 can not export vendor features referencing GPOS lookups

In Glyphs 3, a vendor feature/private feature/four capital letters feature can not reference lookups defined in GPOS features such as ‘kern’ or ‘mark’. The feature code editor shows not error but the export fails with this message:

Glyphs 2 has no problem exporting the file.

  • Test-file (format version 3): Test3.glyphs (6.1 KB, fails in G3)
  • Test-file (format version 2): Test2.glyphs (6.1 KB, fails in G3, succeeds in G2)

Looking at the generated features.fea file, the problem seams to be that the vendor feature appears before the GPOS features such as ‘kern’, ‘mark’, etc. even though it is placed after them in the features list in the “Features” tab.

It’s not about “vendor” tags in particular, but you’re right that it’s the reordering of ‘kern’ and ‘mark’ features on export that triggers the error. We’ll have a look into that.

OK. Should be fixed in the next update. Please check and thanks for reporting this. The bug reports of yours help a lot. They’re much appreciated!


I can confirm that this issue has been resolved in 3.0.2 (3047). Thank you!

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