Glyphs 3 Crash in High Sierra


I downloaded the trial version and it worked normally on High Sierra 10.13. After a few hours I tried to open the glyphs and the software crashes. Any idea? :upside_down_face:


Did you install any plugins?

Not yet, Georg

Can you send the full content of the crash report (copy paste it into a text file)?

Sure! But, Reviewing, it seems to me that I have done Georg :expressionless:. I deleted the plugins folder but the problem persists. How can I eliminate them?

I send you the error report :slight_smile: (21.1 KB)

The crash is in the Sync Tab Plugin. So you seem to have installed it on some point.

Thanks Georg!. How can I remove the plugin?. I look for the plugin in the plugins folder and itโ€™s not there

Donโ€™t worry Georg, i fixed jeje. Thanks for your time :slight_smile: