Glyphs 3 crash when switching to font view

I have one file that was created in Glyphs 2, if opened in Glyphs 3 [3040] the app is constantly crashing when I switch from text/edit view to font view.
I did some testing, it makes no difference if the file was last saved in 2.6.6 [1350] or [1349] or even older.
I also removed all filters from font view, without effect.
Which settings in font view could be responsible for this, has anyone experienced similar behaviour?
It’s just this one file (including all older/previous files from this project), other Glyphs 2 files work without any problems in Glyphs 3.
I’m running Mojave 10.14

Can you send me that file? And have you send the crash reports that show up when you restart the app?

Yes, I sent a couple of crash reports, but most of them without explanation/comment.
Will send the file soon, thank you!

I think I found your crashes. You have an invalid filter in the sidebar. I’ll see if I can fix this. For now, you could manually edit the file ~Application Support/Glyphs 3/CustomFilter.plist and replace “pathCount” with “countOfPaths”.

Edit: fixed it.

Thank You!
First I could not find the customFilter.plist as there was no such file in Application support/Glyphs 3, but after creating a new custom filter in Glyphs 3 a .plist file was generated, but there’s no occurance of “pathCount”.
However, the file is still crashing in the latest cutting edege build [3041].
Maybe something else is causing the crashes, just sent the file via E-Mail.

Problem solved!
There was an additional CustomFilter.plist file in the folder of this particular project, next to the .glyphs-files, that seems to overrule the CustomFilter.plist files in Application Support/Glyphs and Application Support/Glyphs3.
Simply removing this file – or replacing “pathCount” with “countOfPaths” there solved the problem.
Thanks for your guidance!