Glyphs 3 crashes every time I paste into a Glyph

Ever single time I try to copy any element from a Glyph into another Glyph the program shuts and has to restart.

I can see from other posts that I need to send the crash report, so I have attached it in this message.

This is so broken that I can’t get on with my work. Any ideas/help appreciated.

(The crash report is too long, so I can’t attach it. What do I need to provide?)

I’ve just worked out that it only happens with my Uppercase ‘I’. The I is a primitive oblong shape with four corner components attached. The rest of my fonts seem to be working fine.

More info. It only happens when I have flipped corner components. If I remove the two right hand side serifs (Which are flipped version of the left hand side) then the issue goes away.

Can you send us the file? OK to reduce it to the necessary glyphs (the corner and the letter).
Best to send the .glyphs file to . We will have a look.

Thanks for the swift reply, I have sent the file across.

What glyphs version do you have?

Glyphs 3
Latest version.

What version number? There are two “latest versions”, one being the cutting edge version you can activate in your preferences.

Check Glyphs > About Glyphs for the version number.

Replied to the email, not to the thread. Whoops.
I just updated my Glyphs to the ‘Cutting edge’ version and the problem has stopped.


I was just going to post that I could not reproduce it in build 3226.