Glyphs 3 crashes when PS autohinting

When I export OTFs of my fonts from Glyphs 3 (3059) with Autohinting enabled, it crashes. It works without Autohinting or with Autohinting in Glyphs 2.

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Can you send me that file?

Same happens to me after the latest update. If Autohinting is on, Glyphs crashes. Autohinting is off - export works fine.

Same here.

I updated the auto hinting code. That fixed one bug but it seems to have introduced a new one. I’ll have a look. If you could send me your crashing files.

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@GeorgSeifert I’ve just run into the same issue and will send my working file over if it can be of use.

Came here to report the same :‘(

Mine started reporting an error in RemoveOverlap with dollar. Here‘s a minimal file with this only glyph present, crashes on Export.

Autohinter Crash on Export.glyphs (6.3 KB)

Thanks for the file. I fixed it.