Glyphs 3 Crashes!


I’m trying to open Glyphs 3 but it crashes even before it starts. Beta versions worked fine.

I can paste the entire report if necessary.
OS Mojave 10.14

Need help!

This is a problem with some plugins. We are updating them in the next few days. Please remove them for now.

Thanks Georg. I will wait for that update.

Same too.
Open Glyphs 3. Crashes on start.
OS Mojave 10.14.6

Do you have a white temporary plugin white list? TIA. Thierry C.

The mekkablue plug-ins should all work. Let me know if there is one that doesn’t.

The plug-ins we have received the most crash reports from in the past days are Filter List Manager, Touché and Alignment.

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My Glyphs 2 Scripts list (png)

I would suspect one of the View menu extensions. Can you find out which one it is? Ditch the Glyphs 3 app support folder then repeat installing some plugins through the plug-in manager and restarting until you can reproduce the crash.

This crash doesn’t seem to be related to plugins. Did you have a file open before the crashes started (there should be a file with “(Autosave)” in the name or just the files that were opened last. Could you send them?

I had a same problem before, after selecting couple of Python version inside Glyphs3 preferences.

You could try to remove all plugins and repo folder, and put it back/reinstall them after you successfully installed Python version (I choose Glyphs3 python version).

I had instant crashes as well after I installed some plugins.
But only because Python 3 was not installed before.
Remove the plugins from your folder, install Python 3 and install the plugins again. :wink: