Glyphs 3 Edit View

Is there a way to keep the characters in Edit View fixed (not moving and in the center) as they were (default) in Glyphs 2?

When you do what?

If you Ctrl-click in the preview pane do you get the option to switch it?

Ctrl-click is just the option to center the active glyph. I’m talking about keeping the glyphs in Edit View centered and unmoving from either left or right as they do by default in Glyphs 2. The click and drag default of Glyphs 3 requires lots of ‘glyph chasing’ to get the desired glyph in the desired spot within the Edit View area.

Except of the dragging, the preview behaves the same in Glyphs 2 and 3 for me.

In Glyphs 2, the preview centers the string within the window. In Glyphs 3, the preview centers on the glyph selected. Glyphs 3 will move the string to the left or right, based on which glyph is selected, in order to center it. Or am I missing something?

No. It is centering on the current glyph, too.

Thanks. I must be doing something wrong. Glyphs 3 aligns the content of the preview area to the left, to the right or many times roughly near the center based on the resizing of the window, or on the currently selected glyph. But it is not centered as in Glyphs 2.

The left/right alignment can be disabled in the context menu of the preview.

Hi people,
This same thing is happening with me in RTL mode. The glyph box is jumping every time I alternate between masters. It works fine when in LTR mode.
Any workaround?