Glyphs 3 export problem: otf glyph order error

I used to export font file to ttf in Glyphs 2, but moving to Glyphs 3, I start to export font file to otf. However there is a big problem: the glyph order changed strangly in otf. I think the otf file system has an error, because when I used the otf file to text, the text changed strangly as well. How can I fix otf glyph order; abnormal order to normal order?
(below image shows a same font but left: ttf(normal order) and right: otf(abnormal order) file view)

It might be a font cache problem: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs ?
Have you tested the font in a browser? The Quicklook of macOS is not a particular reliable test method.