Glyphs 3 has selective amnesia

Glyphs 3 has an annoying new feature: it often does not remember things I have copied, although I love retracing my steps to get back to where I was, and the exercise is good for me, it does sometimes get a bit boring

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What do you mean exactly? What do you copy?

outlines from one glyph to another, nothing fancy. I haven’t noticed similar behaviour in other apps

So you copy one shape and paste it in another glyph and the result is different? Maybe you have not selected everything?
Can you make a screencast of what you are doing?

it doesn’t happen every time, but enough to be annoying. From memory: if I copy some outlines (a whole glyph), then do something else, then try to paste the copied outlines, nothing happens (often). no point making a movie, as it is not predictable enough

And you are sure there is nothing else interfering with the clipboard?