Glyphs 3 keeps crashing all the way

Well, G3 keeps crashing on basic actions like moving contours, duplicating masters or even switching to font view. It has crashed 5 times during this morning! At least, all the changes are saved thanks for that. But this crashing behaviour is very annoying.
My specs are:

Glyph 3.0.2 (3055)

Have you send all the crash reports?
I found at least one that was crashing in a python plugin.

Can you run this in the macro panel:

Glyphs.boolDefaults["DebugReporters"] = True

After a crash, check the console app. Search for DebugReporter: and send me the last few lines you find. Thanks.

And what python version do you use?

Thanks, will try this. Python is version 3.8.2

Now this happened again. Crashes just about every 5 minutes, on different actions like switching masters, moving nodes, removing glyphs… just on anything. I didn’t install any new plugins. Just no idea what’s causing it

I’ve updated to 3097, the problem persists. Python 3.9.1 (Glyphs)

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Can you try to start the app with the Option and Shift key pressed to disable all plugins. Does this solve the crashes?

Yep, thanks. Removed all the plugins that I don’t use much — no more crashes. But that’s strange still — it all started suddenly.

The plugins are updated automatically. Or a change in Glyphs did trigger it. You don’t happen to have a list of the plugins you deleted?

Sorry, I didn’t record that. Definitely, I’ve deleted Sync Tabs, Arrange Windows, Anchor Palette, Backdrop, Change Keyboard Increment, CritParty. Maybe there was something more, I don’t remember. Anyway, I always send the crash reports.

Same problem, same solution. Is it possible to know with plugin was responsible of the crash?

You can reinstall one of the plugins, restart, and see if it crashes. If not, reinstall the next one, and so on.

I suspect that the problem (at least with some of the plugins) is fixed already but that the automatic updating it not working. So removing and reinstalling might solve the problem.