Glyphs 3 macro window not working

I am using Glyphs 3.0.4 on maOS 11.5.2. The macro window does not respond to anything. Not even to print(“hello”).

  • I deinstalled all plugins, scripts and modules except Python
  • unchecked ‘use system console for script output’
    What else can I do?

What Python version is selected in GlyphsPreferences…AddonsPython version? It should look like this:

Thanks for the swift response!
It looks exactly like that.

After unchecking that checkbox, did you restart Glyphs?

I did, and also my computer.

It started after I tried to test robofab - none of those scripts had any result. After reading some posts on the forum on the macro window, I noticed I had the same issue, but none of the suggested solutions have had any effect so far.

(the issue that the macro window seems frozen, that is)

Can you post a screenshot of the macro window?

I would, but all of a sudden, it seems to be back up!

Any idea what can cause this?