Glyphs 3: Missing Glyphs dialog click area ignores counter area

The click area for the Control + Click action on the glyph sections to bring up the Missing Glyphs dialog only works on the area to the left of the counter for filling out the glyph sheet. So on “Arrow 1/10”, I can’t click on the “1/10” area to bring up the missing glyphs dialog.

It took me a good while to realize what was going on, and this seems like unwanted behavior. I’ve recorded a video of the behavior in case the description above is hard to understand:


Addendum to the above bug: this only seems to be the case for when using the internal touchpad on my MBP with CTRL + Click. Right-clicking with an external mouse doesn’t have this problem.

Fixed it. Thanks.

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I’m seeing this problem on 3.0.2 (3058) (on an MBP) so either the fix didn’t work or the bug returned.

I must have fixed something back then. Now should work.

Confirmed, works now.