Glyphs 3: Not received your upgrade coupon yet?

If you are a license holder for Glyphs 2 and want to upgrade to Glyphs 3, you should have received a coupon code for the web store in your mail already. If you have not received anything, please go through these steps:

  • Double check the e-mail account that is registered with your license. The number one reason for people not finding their licenses is that they used a different e-mail for purchasing their license. To verify, open your .glyphs2license file in a text editor. There is a part that says ‘Email’, like this:


    This is the e-mail we sent the upgrade coupon to. If you do not have access to that e-mail anymore, let us know at office at this domain and we update your entry in the license database.

  • Look for an e-mail with the subject ‘Your Glyphs 3 50% discount code’, or ‘Glyphs 3: Grace Period, 100% discount’, respectively.

  • Double check the spam folder. If you know how to, allow all e-mails from a origin.

  • In your e-mail software, did you ever set up a filter that sorts out e-mails from into a separate folder? If so, look into it.

Still cannot find anything? Ask us to resend at office at this domain, stating the name and e-mail address of the old license. We need to verify your purchase and look up name and/or e-mail, and that takes a little time.


Please How do I upgrade from G2 to G3. Cause I am student with a Student license. Secondly I took my laptop to repair shop and since a month now we are on total lock down here in Greece. Please can I be able to upgrade once I get my laptop back?

Please follow the steps I mentioned in the above post. You should have an upgrade coupon in your inbox.

@mekkablue thanks. Sorry I didn’t check my mail well I have the coupon. Please a quick question do I have a limited time to upgrade to G3 since my laptop is still on lockdown?.

No, you can upgrade at any time.

Hi Rainer,
I’ve tried several times to email office@thisdomain but each time my mails are rejected as spam.

How may I get the coupon?

I can’t find the coupon code. I have checked that the email is correct, but it might have been deleted from the spam folder because it has been too long. My emails to office@thisdomain are rejected as span aswell

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Does “Glyphs 3” also work under Sierra 10.12.6?
I still have a laptop on which I have to work sometimes and which I am not “allowed” to upgrade (regard to MacOS) …

Yes, Glyphs works on OS X 10.11 and up.

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I am happily running latest Big Sur with no problems

That sounds fantastic! I’ll quickly look for my upgrade link … :wink:

I ended up emailing them at office@thisdomain and got an answer :slight_smile:

unfortunately that doesn’t work for me

I have to ask: did you type thisdomain or It should be the latter.

I also replied to an email from Rainer and it was still rejected as spam. strange.
Anyhow, forget the coupon, the app is awesome and I’m happy to pay full price.

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If everything is getting rejected your ISP may have a spammer using their services so have been blacklisted. It would not hurt to contact their support team and ask about it.