Glyphs 3 problem with double metrics keys?

When I set metrics keys to width + one sidebearing, I seem to get weird result (the glyph shifts to one side until outside of its bounds)
This used to worked perfectly in Glyphs 2.

What keys did you use?

Here’s an example

How does it shift. When you click the update button?


Can you send me that file?


I fixed it. Thanks.
I had build a sample font and for some reason it was working fine. I need to find the difference between the two files.

Always so fast! :slight_smile: Many thanks.

Hello again!
Actually the problem persists on my side — with only one of four masters, strangely.
Using latest cutting edge 3062.
Also center glyph formula not working (ie. width=600, RSB=|).

Can you send me the problematic font again?


Fixed it.

Thanks Georg!
FYI seems to work fine with “glyphname” key but still problematic with “=glyphname” key)