Glyphs 3_RTL kerning issues

I am having some issues with kerning when exporting some Arabic fonts.
I’ve realised that some of the kerning I have adjusted in my Glyph file is missing in the font once exported. I have spotted it at least in three particular cases, but I am guessing there are more.
I have generated the font from two different computers and in both cases, the kerning is missing.
Here is a screenshot of these cases. On the left, the screenshot is taken from the original Glyphs file and on the right is from the exported font:

Have anybody else experienced similar problems?

Hey Ferran! Yeah I had a similar issue with my Arabic which started in G2. What I noticed is that the sides of the kerning groups have also switched. You might want to check that. I had converted all the groups and pairs to RTL (script available on my GitHub repo) then things started to work.

Hey Toshi! Thanx for your reply!
I’ve been exporting new fresh fonts from this glyphs file, and it seems that it doesn’t export kerning at all. In the new fonts, there is no kerning.
So I guess this is another issue.

Also, I have been trying to shift from G3 to G2, to see if I can sort this problem by changing to an older versión, but it doesn’t allow me to do so either. G3 allows me to change the version in Font Info, but then G2 doesn’t recognize it and I can’t open it.