Glyphs 3 saves the DisplayString, but doesn't reopen in tabs

It seems strange to me that Glyphs 3 does save the DisplayString property in the source, but it doesn’t open in tabs. It happens to the .glyphs files I got from the client.

Does it have a write display strings parameter in font info > font?

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No, here are the only parameters in Font Info > Font.

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.21.31 AM

Even I manually enabled the “Write DisplayStrings”, the tabs are still not reopened. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are two ways how open tabs are stored. One is the displayStrings key in the file and Glyphs stores more detailed UI state in extended file attributes. Those are sometimes lost when the file is copied to a volume or by an email system that doesn’t support those extended attributes.

Can you compress the file and send it to me that I can check why it is not loading the fallback from within the file?

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Thank you. I’ve just sent it to your inbox.