Glyphs 3, Subtract Issue

Dear Glyphs 3 Team, ‘subtract selected or front path’ in the transformations palette does not give the required result as in Glyphs 2. See attached example. Thank you.Glyphs 2 versus 3 Subtract.pdf (53.3 KB)

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Can you send me the file?

Hi Georg, as requested I attach the file. In the meantime things got a bit worse; Glyphs 3 crashes when I perform the subtract transformation with the capital R glyph. Thank you for looking into this issue.Joculator 4RCS test.glyphs (581.7 KB)

Joculator 4RCS.glyphs (591.8 KB)

Hi Glyphs team,
I still encounter hick-ups with ‘subtract selected or front path’.
In the attached series of examples (e.1, e.2 and e.3)

the inner bowl of the lowercase e is not cooperating in the subtraction.
Thank you for looking into this.

What version do you have?

I have Glyphs 3.0.1 (3039)

Can you try the cutting edge version? That should be fixed.

Hi Georg,
Just updated to the latest version of Glyphs 3 (still 3.0.1. 3039). The same issue persists; the inside bowl of the lowercase e does not join in the subtract party ( transformations-subtract selected or front path ).
Thank you for looking in to the matter.

Dear Glyphs team,
I’ve worked around the Subtract hick-up in Glyphs 3. I execute Subtract Selected or Front Path in Glyphs 2, save the font and then open it in Glyphs 3, voilá, pronto!

That is fixed in the latest version that we are about the release very soon.

Thanks very much for the update Georg.

Hello Guys

I still encounter the subtract issue.
Screenshot 1; Copy and paste the glyph with offset values to right and up.
Screenshot 2; Select the original glyph.
Screenshot 3; Result of ‘select selected or front path’, the inside shapes do not come along.

Can you send me that glyph?

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Hi Georg, I attach the entire font. All glyph cells in red have the subtract issue, where the inside glyph shape does not subtract.
Thanks for looking into it.

Thanks for the file. We found the problem and working on it.

For now, you can use the Extrude filter (offset: 56.5 angle: 45°). That works correctly in this case.

Thank you for your help Georg.