Glyphs 3 tabs disappearing

The tabs opened in Glyphs 3 are no longer sharing same widths and I found that if I open more than like 3-4 tabs, the last one (or few) of them would disappear out of the window thus I can’t select them. The only way of selecting/closing them is to open a new tab from the font panel that brings me to the right-most tab and work from there.

I found it consistently existing on every file or new files in Glyphs 3
I’m using the latest stable release.

  • (Shift-)Ctrl-Tab to navigate through tabs.
  • Cmd-Opt-1 through 9 to access the first nine tabs.

Are you running build 3053?

You can scroll the tab bar. Move the mouse over it and scroll up and down.

Thanks for the tip. I’m running on 3039