Glyphs 3 "test install"?

Hello, where should the “test install” option save files?

It is not saving the files. It installed them from memory.

hmm, don’t get what’s that option for :frowning:
I hoped an user can set 2 paths, one for testing (the Adobe one) and one for production or webfonts, without having to set the path each time.

It writes and overwrites them directly into macOS memory. And it stays there until you log out or restart. Perfect for testing in CoreText apps.

If you test install a font for the first time, you may need to restart apps that build their font menus at app start only. TextEdit is such an app.

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I see, but it doesn’t work on Adobe CC, right?

No, but for CC apps, you can use the Fonts folder:

Ok, so as before. Thanks

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Just saying that Test Install is working at CC — BUT, with color fonts (at least sbix), I still have to change the font name to work. Is there a solution for that?

Sorry, I missed your reply. For testing sbix in Photoshop CC, you cannot use the Adobe Fonts Folder, and you will need to restart Photoshop every time. So, I guess the best way is to use a different name, yes.

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The current feature name “Test Install” is confusing.
Logically, it should not belong to “Export Destination”. Because the user cannot clearly know where the Destination is when using it.

Meanwhile, the description is too simplified. Something more detailed like “Install to the system cache” will be better understood, also easier to translate into other languages. :sweat_smile:

I love that this feature exists now; it’s very helpful!

However, I’ve quit Glyphs3 and the test fonts are still populating my font menus… This is nice in a way, so they don’t disappear just because I quit Glyphs. But, it can also be a bit annoying once I no longer want them in the menu.

Is there a way to uninstall Test Installed fonts, without restarting my or logging out & into my computer?

That is a good question. It should remove the fonts when the app closes.
Here is a script that gets rid of all test installed fonts:

from CoreText import CTFontManagerCopyAvailableFontURLs, CTFontManagerUnregisterFontsForURL, kCTFontManagerScopeSession
tempPath = GSGlyphsInfo.applicationSupportPath()
for url in CTFontManagerCopyAvailableFontURLs():
	if url.path().hasPrefix_(tempPath):
		CTFontManagerUnregisterFontsForURL(url, kCTFontManagerScopeSession, None)

Hmm, maybe I did something unusual that made the test install stick. Nice to know the default behavior is what I expected!

Thanks so much for the quick reply and for this script. I’ll dig it up if I need it in the future!

I meant that it would be better if it did remove the font. Bad wording on my part.