Glyphs 3: Transformation Tool won't work proper

Hi there,

I made some odd occurrence while working with the transformation in the toolbar. Especially when maximizing or minimizing forms.

By setting parameters to the percentage (%) of maximizing or minimizing, he buttons for applying it working the opposite way: the minimize button does maximizing the form and vice versa.

But the most strangest thing is the given value for the percentage. When I set a 10% value and click the minimize or maximize button, the form increases or decreases in a way too huge for an value of 10% — In my case with the opposite working buttons a 10% minimizing results in a maximizing around 5x bigger than the origin form.

Are there any pre-settings in Glyphs 3 to be made, that will make the transformation work correctly?

With Glyphs mini I didn’t have any problems with that.

The two scale buttons work differently in Glyphs 3:

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Facepalm. Okay, now I understand the concept. :^) Thanks for replying! Cheers!

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