Glyphs 3 TT hint preview for deltas

After hinting the last project in Glyphs 2.6.4 (because the sources have been made in this versions), I now received a Glyphs 3.0.2 file and started TrueType hinting in 3.0.3 (3.0.2 crashed too often on me).

Looking at deltas, I see that the preview inside of Glyphs / the browser preview ( and the actual file differ from each other. (variable-font)
(unfortunately, I’m not able to share screenshots)

Will there be a new version soon with the promised fixes?
Otherwise I will have to start re-hinting the fonts in another software. :weary:

Can you send me a sample file or screenshots showing the problem? Maybe set up a new project that shows the problem?

Hi Georg,
Thanks for your help. I added a zone to the accents, attached them all to the zone and push the zone up in the global deltas. Are global deltas also not working in Variable Fonts?

Don’t add a new zone. Use the one below it. The zone attachment works quite different in Glyphs than in other apps. Please check the tutorial for details.

OMG, this is genius! :slight_smile: … works perfectly.
Sorry, I missed this in the tutorial. Smart solution :clap::clap::clap: