Glyphs 3 Update to 3143 problem – can´t open files anymore

Hi there, I have just upgraded Glyphs 3 to the new 3143 version. After this I can not open any glyphs file anymore. I had to downgrade to 3133 (via downloading the file from the website) to be able to open the files again. So maybe there is a bug in 3143?

Can you send me that file?

It’s not only the one file. No file can be opened. But i can open them all again in the downgraded Glyphs 3 version. So I don’t know if it helps, but where can i send you the file?
Thanks for your help!

What version of macOS are you on? I have no issues on Monterey.

What is happening when you try to open the files. Is it showing an error message, crashing or nothing?

I have to admit that i am working on an older system. It is Mac OS 10.12.5. My iMac is quite old, and i think an update would kill it :slight_smile:

Glyphs is not crashing. When i try to open a file, a window opens saying: File „xy“ can not be opened.“ That’s it.

Thank you for fixing this with the latest update! It works again, thanks a lot for your support!