Glyphs 3 ver 3.0.5 crashes when opening two files

I want to ask why my glyphs 3 always crash or quit immediately, not so long after I open two files simultaneously. Please help me with how to prevent this from happening again. Thank you

Glyphs Version 3.0.5
OS Mojave ver. 10.14.6

Can you send some crash reports (the one that comes up when you re-open the app), add a note that reference this forum thread and then post a note here that I know the time of the crash reports. That will allow me to narrow it down more quickly. Thanks.


Process: Glyphs 3 [550].pdf (207.1 KB)

Thank you


(Next time, send it as a plain text .txt file.)

And how you precisely do it what you open two files at once? And can you try to start Glyphs with the Option and Shift keys pressed to disable all plugins?