[Glyphs 3] When adjusting the hangul metrics width with the info box, both sides are adjusted at the same time

In Glyphs 2, when adjusting the hangul width value with the info box, only RSB was affected, but in Glyphs 3, when adjusting the hangul width value with the info box, both LSB and RSB are affected.
This makes the hangul design inconvenient.
Can’t I make it affect only RSB when I adjust the width value of the info box like Glyphs 2?

please answer about my question.

thank you :slight_smile:

That was a feature request from Chinese designers.
Can you just change the RSB in your case? Why do you change the width?

In hangul, letters using vowels of β€˜γ…—β€™, β€˜γ…œβ€™, and β€˜γ…‘β€™ have the same side bearings on both sides, but β€˜γ…β€™, β€˜γ…β€™, and β€˜γ…£β€™ have different side bearings.
When the shape of a vowel changes, such as β€˜γ…β€™, β€˜γ…β€™, and β€˜γ…£β€™, the width is designed differently. For example, if you make a β€˜λ§΄β€™ after making a β€˜λ°ˆβ€™, the stem of the vowel increases to two, so the RSB increases. At this time, since β€˜γ…β€™ adjusts all the series used at the same time, you need to adjust the width of not only β€˜λ§΄β€™ but also β€˜λ§₯’, β€˜λ§¨β€™, β€˜λ§«β€™β€¦ all at once.
Previously, adjusting the width with the info box increased the RSB, making it easier to work with.
Since the RSB value of each character varies depending on the Korean ending, the RSB cannot be adjusted collectively in the information field.

When adjusting the width of a metric using the infobox, is there a way to choose whether it affects only the RSB or both?

I wonder if the centering is ever useful for Hangul glyphs. I can change it that it behaves as it was in Glyphs 2 for Hangul and keep the centering for Chinese and Japanese.

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Centering is useful for letters that have the same side bearings on both sides, such as β€˜λͺΈβ€™, β€˜λ­„β€™, and β€˜λ―β€™, which use the vowels β€˜γ…—β€™, β€˜γ…œβ€™, and β€˜γ…‘β€™ in hangul. However, these letters are 2660 of the total 11172 hangul, which is about 20% of the total.

As you said, it would be nice if you change Hangul so that it works like Glyphs 2.

Could you tell me what your next plan is?
Thank you.

This is implemented in the version 3.2. It is a cutting edge/beta version right now. So be careful when trying it.

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Thank you very much. I’ll try that right now.

After updating the version, the file I was working on before does not open. What should I do?

What error message do you get when trying to open your file?

When I double-clicked the file, the file did not open and a pop-up window called Crash Report appeared. Other than that, I didn’t get any error messages.

Can you try to start Glyphs without plugins by holding Option and Shift when you start the app? (There should be a β€œplugins disabled” badge in the top right corner of a new window)

If that doesn’t can you send me the file?