Glyphs [3112] crashes

When I open another file (File name: Y) while a file is already opened (File name: X), and just taking a look and closing the File Y causes a crash. Usually if the File Y was previously saved with an older version of the app. Sometimes it happens after you closed the File Y and clicked font info for the File X, it crashes. Any move may trigger. Reaching a plug-in, deleting an instance, etc. It is not reproducable when these steps followed every time, but it happens to me many times during the day.

Note: Haven’t spent so much time without plugins, so I couln’t find anything. I’ll update if there is something.

This issue has been going on for a very long time and I keep sending crash reports.

Did you send all crash reports (the ones that comes up when you restart the app). Please send a few and add a note here that I know the time when you posted them.

Yes. Alright will do.

a report has been sent

once more

Thanks. Got it.