Glyphs 3179 Crashes when using SuperTools Harmonize feature

I’m using Glyphs 3179 and it crashes when I try to use the Harmonize feature in the SuperTools plugin. This even happens when I delete all the other plugins except for SuperTools. I don’t have this issue with Glyphs 3151. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • I’ve attached a video showing the issue: iCloud
  • here are the report details: iCloud

Use the Grey and Green Harmony plugins instead. Grey Harmony is exactly what SuperTool does. Green Harmony usually gives you better results. Best results with the RMX Tools. More details in Harmonization tutorial.

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Thanks for the workaround! It helped me get it working :slight_smile:

I’m on Glyphs 3180, and Supertool also causes crashes here. I like Supertool though. Is there a way to still use it?

The code is already fix, @SimonC needs to find some time to build a new release of the plugin.