Glyphs [794] crashes after closing a file

OS X 10.10.4
Some files if I close it, it just crashes.

Edit: It may be due to me working on a glyphs file that I made from a UFO? I dont know.

Does it happen if you open a .ufo and save it as .glyphs?

When I do just that, it doesn’t, not least with the files I have been working on.

With one of my files:

  1. Generate a new .glyphs instance from a MM ,glyphs file.
  2. Close original MM .glyphs file.
  3. Crash, every time

I’m often getting crashes when closing files. Nothing to do with UFO, I’m looking at OTFs or Glyphs files with lots of Burmese glyphs.

I can’t reproduce this. Could you send me this file?