Glyphs and Intuos

Problem with preview of edited character is solved now with a mouse constantly plugged in. it’s not an elegant solution but never mind.

Lately, I have to select (wrap around) nodes two or three or times to finally get them selected. It’s really annoying.
In transformations, one click make a two step (repeated) transformations.
We already had a small discussion about problems (I think it is) between Glyphs and tablets in Brno and Amsterdam so please test Glyphs compatibility with tablets too. Thank you.

OS 10.8.5, Glyphs 1.4.3 (555) and Intuos 4.

As of now, Graphic tablet software is incompatible with Glyphs. It intercepts certain UI actions and then passes them on, and this is where it seems to fail for Glyphs. We have also found that certain shortcuts stop working when tablet software is installed.

What you can try is running a deinstaller for the Wacom software, and try the built-in OS X tablet driver.

Sorry Rainer, but it is just not fair.
It means that we are second-class users.

“… it is just not fair.
It means that we are second-class users.”

Pity party?

Usually what it means is that there aren’t enough people who use tablets to justify the cost of engineering and support.

This is the real world; it has to be that way, at least for now.

Gentlemen, please.

We have no Wacom gear to test it on, it is as simple as that, we are no tablet users. The problem seems to be the Wacom driver software though. It can cause problems even when the tablet is not attached. Uninstalling the Wacom software fixes the problems. And you can probably still use the tablet, because the Mac supports most tablets out of the box. Perhaps minus a few features, I don’t know.

Ermin, you’re about as first-class as can be. :slight_smile:

Thnx Rainer,

and just to clarify George, I think it’s not obvious to expect complications with graphic tablets from any app for vector drawing.

I have an intuos3 installed and connected. I do not use it with Glyphs, but the drivers do not seem to interfere in any way. Maybe a combo side effect with a specific keyboead layout? Mine is USA extended even if my OS language is Italian.

I bought a Bamboo Pad and could fix the problem. Could you try the latest beta?

Well, this is a bad bug.
While dragging on curve point + holding Shift moves curve handles somewhere far, far left, to Italy or France from here.

And again, I plugged a mouse back, click with it a few times and this strange behavior disappear.

I’ve got this issue too. I’ve got a brand new Intuos Pen tablet, but have been working on a classic Intuos for about 16 years now. I’ll never go back to the mouse.
So a solution for this tablet issue would be great.

I can confirm Ermin’s ‘far, far left, to Italy and France’ issue. It happens here too and that annoying. I understand Glyphsapp for not wanting to support tablets, but for me this might become a deal breaker. I don’t want to switch back to FLS, so please please please come up with a solution. :wink:


I believe it is not Glyphsapp’s responsibility to provide support for Wacom or any other Graphic Tablet because Glyphsapp is not a drawing software.
Until recently I used Graphire from Wacom and it has several problems synching with OS 10.9 … as well as a imperfect control with most Adobe CS6 software.
If you intensively rely on Wacom pen; you may consider the software & plugins of:

I actually bought a Bamboo tablet and could fix the preview problem. Please test the latest beta. There was another problem with nodes that jump to the left. I can’t reliably reproduce it, so I can’t fix it.