Glyphs app can not save my files

Glyphs app can not save my files!

It happened some weeks ago and you could fix it. Thank you for that.

Also DrawBot extension does not show up, but it installed and active in Reporters.

I’m using Version 2.3.1 (913), ( on El Capitan 10.11.6 )

Could you help me again?


… I’m correcting myself:
Also DrawBot extension does not show up, but it installed and show active in Plugin Managers.

Do you see anything in the Macro window or in (/Applications/Utilities/

In Console, under the User Diagnostic Reports I find a bunch of ‘’Glyphs …date + computer… MacBook Pro crash’’ message.

Macro Panel window is empty.

Do you need a copy from console’s messages? What can I do to solve this issue?


DrawBot is not a Reporter. Do you not have New Drawbot in the File menu?

Now DrawBot is not under in file menu, but I installed it and active in Plugin Manager.

I’m manually deleted the plugin, and installed via Plugin Manager. (many times)

I’m using Version 2.3.1, ( on El Capitan 10.11.6 ) and around the time of the this update, appeared these phenomena with Glyphs app. (saving, DrawBot) May be the error related with the update.



I would like to ask you for any help, because i have a new issue here.

I try to solve the problem so I removed Glyphs entirely, —I thought it might be help— then I downloaded again via mail
But I can not install again.

My messages:
—The Test Period has expired… (I do not need Test Version)

—The document “Boskovitz Oszkar.glyphs2License” could not be opened.

How can I use Glyphs again?

I really like to use it again.

Apreciate for any help,


Did you follow the steps in this tutorial?

The license file probably got corrupted. Can happen, e.g., when transmitted by e-mail. You will receive a new file in an e-mail.

Hi Mekka,

Unfortunately nothing changed.

I download it, then goes into Application folder, try to open booth software and license (and license via software also).

I got the same, attached messages.