Glyphs App is really slow opening and saving


Glyphs app is really slow opening and saving a font. It’s a normal sized font with two master - 634 glyphs

I don’t have any plugins installed.

I don’t have any performance issues working in the App but opening and closing is really slow, closing can take 2 minutes.

Is there anything I can do to improve this.

What file format are you saving?
Where do you store the file? Try saving it on the local desktop.

I’m saving it as .glyphs file

I’m saving it locally on my desktop

How big is that file?
Can you send it to me?

The file is 610 KB

Can I email you the file ?

Send it to ‘support’ at this domain.

And what happens when you open a exported .otf file and save it as .glyphs?

I have just opened one of the .otf weights from the font I am using and saved that as a .glyphs file. It was really quick, no delay at all

Then there is something going on with that file. I’ll have a look.

Thank you

You need to close your tabs once in a while. You have more than 900 open tabs. That Glyphs is able to cope at all with this is quite good. I’ll send you a cleaned up file.

Thank you Georg, it works prefect now.

Is there a way to close all tabs without deleting them one by one

Found it thanks

I recommend that you use command + F to get to the glyph you want instead of going to the edit view to open a new tab.

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Can I get Glyphs to NOT open a Tab?

What do you mean?
Double clicking a glyph in font view to open in the existing tab?
You could use Command+W to get to the font view and the open a new one from their.
But as I said, it is probably better to get used to the Command+F dialog as you don’t need the mouse for it.

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